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New Christmas Quiz Champion Crowned

After an hour long battle for quiz supremecy which Malcolm led most of the way against patients, carers, staff and students he won the hardest ever quiz run by the National Aspergillosis Centre Patient & Carer Support Group by 2 points.

Malcolm is pictured here receiving the David MacIntyre Memorial Trophy for 2016 from Graham Atherton.

Watch the quiz here 

WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER? by Elizabeth Hutton

Good old Freddie Mercury classic - 'hitting the nail on the head' brilliantly!  The one sure thing in life is that we're all going to die - we're all headed in the same direction - and yet it's a subject most of us prefer not to think about or discuss.  Having faced imminent death ‘head on’ already anyway, I don’t have a problem with this at all – in fact, I’m probably better prepared due to my experience.  Nor do many other people, judging by the many advertisements for pre-paid funeral plans – it seems that many of us are now less ‘squeamish’ and being more practical.  Surely, it must be

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is common amongst people with chronic respiratory diseases and also common amongst their carers, in fact it is one of the most common reasons why one of us visits our doctor. At one time the response of your doctor might have been simple - check what is causing the pain is going to clear up possibly with some intervention and then prescribe painkiller drugs to help the patient cope with the short period of pain.


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