Patients & Carers meeting September 2014

From now on we will present synchronised slidecasts via software called iSpring. This has several advantages e.g. you will be able to see all slides and move from one to another by clicking on the titles on the right hand side. The slides can be seen more clearly too, and people will be able to use a broader range of viewing devices. However we have found that the system has to download more data to start each presentation and that leads to one drawback - it takes up to a minute or two to start even on fast broadband connections. We hope you find the wait worth it!

Date Speaker Title Time Starts Duration
September 2014 Danielle Yuill Giving patients & carers a VOICE  0' 00' 00secs 54' 15secs
  Chris Harris Better together, CallPlus, Ring & Ride 54' 15secs 1' 11' 30secs
  Led by Graham Atherton Entire meeting (alternate version)   1' 27' 30secs






Resources referred to in this talk

British Lung Foundation financial support pages

British Lung Foundation Helpline for chronic lung disease

CallPlus (Manchester only)

Ring & Ride (this link is to Manchester, but the service is widely available throughout the UK.

Healthier together - proposals & survey for the future if Greater Manchester Hospitals