Patients' own stories

This is a collection of stories, mainly told by the patients themselves or their carers. Some are unusual cases, one is by a doctor and some are in memorium but all offer insight into what it is to live with the illness aspergillosis. This is often helpful to fellow patients, new patients, carers and increasingly medical student and doctors. 

At the moment these stories are integrated as part of the news blog on this website so you will also see news articles & stories mixed with patients own stories.

It would be great if you could contribute your story - it can be long or short and you might not think it important but there will probably be something in it that makes someone else think a little more about what they are going through, what the patient is going through, what their carer and family is going through or what the patients in their clinic are going through.

If you want to contribute please sign up as a member of this group in the login box to the right. The return to this page and click on 'group posts' in the box on the right to start writing.

NOTE: We have moved all stories from their original place at as that service is to be withdrawn. The collection of stories from that wiki is kept in our Patients stories archive.

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