Haemoptysis referrs to the coughing up of blood. It is relatively common in people with Chronic Pulmonary Aspergillosis and can occur in those with ABPA and can be very small amounts and very infrequent but in some cases can be severe.

If blood is noticed then this is a warning sign that you must tell your doctor about. If it is more than a teaspoon then seek medical help without delay.

There are several treatment options to help prevent further bleeding and these include prescribing the drug tranexamic acid, embolisation and sometimes surgical options.

Recently a further option has been suggested: radiotherapy

We can illustrate the application of this treatment option as follows:

  • Patient Question: If my coughing up blood continues despite bronchial artery embolisation and antifungals, and surgery is not an option, is radiotherapy possible?
  • Answer: There are a few patients with major lung bleeding who are not surgical candidates, and in addition to oral tranexamic acid, radiotherapy has been used in a few cases to stop bleeding. This is not a recommended therapy currently, but might be an option in very challenging circumstances.