How to Avoid Depression

People who have chronic illness such as ABPA & CPA are very vulnerable to anxiety and depression. These are not superficial illnesses in themselves and they can be very serious and even life threatening in some cases if neglected. It is important that we remove the stigma that has long been a part of depression - partly from those who would seek to devalue people who suffer from depression, and partly from the people themselves. Depression is very common

This WikiHow article is very good at describing how we can fight back against depression - the first part of which is acceptance and them developing your personal tools to beat depression. Building  effective personal management tools is very important in this battle, not least because apathy or lack of acceptance will contribute to making depression worse as if we fail to recognise the symptoms (in ourselves or others) we will fail to build our defences against it.


How to Avoid Depression Due to Chronic Illness

Four Parts:Building ResilienceEngaging in Self-CareFinding SupportRecognizing DepressionCommunity Q&A

NHS Choices: Clinical Depression