Patients & Carers meeting July 2015

Date Speaker Title Time Starts Duration
July 2015 Gemma Hayes Aspergillus, Asthma and ABPA - Where are we and where are we going? 0' 0' 00secs 0' 26' 45secs
  Chris Harris Skype Consults 0' 26' 15secs 0' 15' 00secs
    Creative writing   1' 0' 00secs
  Led by Chris Harris Entire meeting (alternate version)    








Graham Atherton chatted about the rise of a new concept in medical research - the study of the bacteria & fungi that live on us and in us and their effect on our health (Biomes/Microbiomes/Mycobiomes). Chris Harris (NAC Manager) went through how best to prepare for flights abroad, giving us plenty of notice for assessing you for travel and all the paperwork that needs to be completed before you can fly with your medication and oxygen cylinders. 

Resources mentioned:


Poetry at the National Aspergilloisis Centre

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