Patients & Carers meeting March 2017


Date Speaker Title Time Starts Duration
March 2017 Nigel & Pam Jay, Adam Garrow Singing for health 0' 00' 00secs 0' 43' 45secs
  Graham Atherton Life purpose boosts health 0' 43' 45secs 0' 51' 00secs
  Led by Graham Atherton View meeting Youtube    







The act of singing promotes breath control and exercses the muscles needed for breathing so it is directly beneficial for people who have chronic respiratory health problems. It also promotes wellbeing, social interaction and is fun! Nigel & Pam Jay are professional musicians who held a simple introductory session on singing for our patients & carers, plus a few staff. Six people also attended via Skype.

The intention is to provide every patient with the opportunity to try singing as part of a group, even if they live remotely and can only participate via Skype. If sufficient numbers start to attend regular sessions then we may even have a social choir! This recording gives us an idea of what is entailed.

Graham Atherton then brefly talks about the power of us having a purpose in life even if (or especially when) we have a chronic illness. Purpose can add 7 years to all of our lives.

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