Patients & Carers meeting May 2015

Date Speaker Title Time Starts Duration
May 2015 Graham Atherton Summer Booklet 0' 0' 00secs 0' 23' 30secs
    Antifungal interactions 0' 23' 30secs 0' 4' 50secs
    London Marathon result 0' 28' 20secs 0' 1' 50secs
    Run4fun(gus) 10k 0' 30' 10secs 0' 1' 05secs
  Chris Kosmidis Q & A 0' 31' 15secs 0' 49' 45secs
  Led by Graham Atherton Entire meeting (alternate version)    








Chris Kosmidis is one of the Consultants and the National Aspergillosis Centre and he agreed to talk to our community meeting, answering questions raised from the audience on the day and from our online groups who had been asked for questions prior to the meeting. A totla of 15 subject were raised and answered in full by Chris during a very pleasant and informative meeting.

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