Patients & Carers meeting November 2017


Date Speaker Title Time Starts Duration
November 2017 Graham, Beth, Rachel & Chris  Project updates 0' 00' 00secs  
  Paul Bowyer Aspergillus fumigatus Knockout Project    
  Led by Graham Atherton View meeting Youtube   1' 40' 00secs







Graham, Beth, Rachel & Chris make up the Patient support & involvment team at the National Aspergillosis Centre. There are several ongoing projects including an event at the upcoming conference Advances Against Aspergillosis in Lisbon, Portugal on 1-3rd February 2018.


Paul Bowyer leads much of the clinical research at the National Aspergillosis Centre and University of Manchester. The group recently applied for funding to set up the worlds first gene knowckout library for the fungl pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus. 


Resources mentioned: 

Advances Against Aspergillosis Conference


Manchester Science Festival


Aspergillus website