Patients & Carers meeting October 2017


Date Speaker Title Time Starts Duration
October 2017 Beth & Rachel  Introduction to new NAC staff 0' 00' 00secs  
  Graham Atherton Making fungal infection self destruct!    
  Led by Graham Atherton View meeting Youtube   1' 33' 00secs







Beth and Rachel are newcomers to the National Aspergillosis Centre team and will work closely with Graham Atherton

Graham Atherton then provided feedback on the impact our work on greater awareness for aspergillosis has during Fungal Awareness Week 14-18th August, followed by a discussion on our most recent patients survey and how we can improve our service at the National Aspergillosis Centre.


Resources mentioned: 

Neutrophils in action (video)



Cancer cells being forced to kill themselves
Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust


Advances Against Aspergillosis Conference


Manchester Science Festival


Aspergillus website