People with respiratory illness such as asthma, allergy and aspergillosis are advised to stay away from disturbing/working with soil, compost, mulches, bark chippings and any other dying, decomposing plant material as these can contain large amounts of moulds. 'Real' Christmas trees are known to start going mouldy as soon as 7 days after cutting & bringing inside! 

Face masks

Aspergillus spores are very very small (2-3 microns is a reasonable size estimate for an Aspergillus spore). The function of these spores is to be released into the air and to resettle some distance from the original fungal growth and then grow, the purpose being to spread the fungus far and wide. After millions of years of evolution fungal spores have got to be extremely good at this - the spores are very small and float in air at the slightest encouragement from air currents. Consequently the air we all breathe every day contains fungal spores.

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